Leave Your Stomach Pains Behind
Like I did! Naturally

Burp and gas. They won't kill you, but gosh it's embarrassing. Especially in meetings.

Stomach pains? Most are caused by our "third millennium" lifestyles. If your doctor has not diagnosed you with anything serious, s/he has likely lost interest in you by now.

But your stomach ache is still there.

I know. I've been there.

In high school, I had stomach pain and bloating every time I drank chocolate milk.

And I loved chocolate milk! But...

A light bulb went off in my head! Hey, maybe I shouldn't drink chocolate milk.

Doctors weren't helping. My mother suggested a possible lactose intolerance. To make a long story short, I really wasn't digesting milk (and ice cream... talk about one disappointed teenager!).

Despite my love for dairy, especially chocolate milk, I removed these products from my diet and......Voila! Relief from my belly pains.

Since those early days, I have had other stomach problems, none of which were diagnosed or treated through conventional medicine. In more recent years, I've studied Holistic Nutrition and continually research the "collective wisdom of the Web" on stomach problems and now live (mostly!) stomach-ache-free.

So why this site?

I love to teach. I graduated from that high school student to high school teacher. But my true passion and occupation now includes Holistic Nutritional therapy, with a focus on stomach-related woes.

And that is where this web site was born. Take your time here, let me lead you through the stomach maze that I've been through... and figured out.

We will likely never meet, but I would love to share my knowledge and know that your nagging stomach pains or gas are...


This website will help you figure out where your symptoms come from and how to remedy them with a holistic approach.

Ready? Let's go get you some relief...

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