The Candida Home Treatment
Beat Candida FOREVER

The goal of the Candida Home Treatment Diet, or the "Yeast Elimination Diet" (Adapted from Trowbridge, John Parks, MD: The Yeast Syndrome, Bantam Books, 1986 by Miryam Williamson ) is a diet to rid the body of this yeast forever. Many consider this the natural cure for candida, because with diet alone one can get control of the overgrowth of this yeast in the body without drugs. If you scored high on the candida questionnaire then it will be a good idea to follow the diet and see how GREAT! can feel!

Note: The first phase of this natural cure for candida is designed to starve the yeast in your body through diet. You may need to stay on this natural cure for candida for two months or more. You can eat as much as you wish as long as you choose from the Phase 1 list.

When you are satisfied that you have eliminated your candida yeast infection symptom or symptoms -- that is, when you have had no symptoms for at least a week or 10 days -- add foods in the second phase. Wait a week or two. If no symptoms reappear, move on to the third phase, and then to the fourth. If symptoms appear at any point, go back to Phase One and start over.


Phase 1 Vegetables

Alfalfa sproutsAsparagusBamboo sprouts
Bavarian endiveBean sproutsBeet greens
Bell pepper (sweet green)Bok choyBanana peppers
CabbagesCabbage krautCauliflower
Celery cabbage Chinese cabbage (PeTsai) Collard greens
Head (green, red) KaleSavoy
ChayotteCelery RootCucumber
Curly CressCurly EndiveDandelion Greens
DulseEggplantGarden cress
GarlicGherkinJalapeno pepper
JicamaKelpLamb’s quarters
LeekBoston LettuceIceberg Lettuce
Loose-Leaf LettuceArugulaRomaine Lettuce
Mung Bean SproutsOnionOkra
Parsnip PumpkinRape
Radish Red Sweet PepperShallot
AlligatorBananaBoston Marrow
Bush Buttercup Pumpkin
String bean Tomatillo Tomato
Zucchini Turnip greens Watercress
Swiss chardYucca Endive

Phase 1 Herbs and Spices

Allspice Althea root (tea) Angelica Anise Apple mint Balm Basil Bergamot Boneset (tea) Borage Burdock root (tea) Burnet (cucumber flavor) Caraway Cardamom Cassia Celery seed Chamomile (tea) Chervil Chicory (in coffee, tea) Chive Clove Comfrey (tea) Coriander Cumin Dill Dittany East Indian arrowroot Fenugreek Ginger Ginseng (tea) Goldenrod (tea) Hibiscus (roselle) (tea) Horehound Horseradish Lavender Lemon balm (melissa) Licorice Lovage Mace Marjoram Menthol Mint Nutmeg Oregano Paprika Parsley Peppercorns (black, white) Peppermint Pimiento Rosemary Saffron Sage Savory Sorrel (dock) Spearmint Tarragon Thyme Tumeric Vanilla (bean, extract)

Phase 1 Miscellaneous

Agar-agar Aloe Vera Carrageen (Irish moss) Green tea Ground cherry Guava Herbal teas Pepino (melon pear) Rhubarb Safflower oil Salt (table salt, sea salt) Sunflower (seed, oil, meal) Tamarind

Phase 1 Animal Products

Any variety of Fish Shellfish AmphibianBeefPorkLambMuttonGamePoultryEggsMilk products Butter Casein (protein) Yogurt (live culture, no fruit)


Phase 2 Vegetables

Artichoke, globeArtichoke, Jerusalem (sunchoke) Artichoke flourAvocadoBrussel sproutsChinese water chestnutsChufa (groundnut)Mustard greensPeas Black-eyed (cowpea) Chickpea (garbanzo) Cream Field Green Purple-hull Split peasPotato (waxy white, waxy, red, mealy)

RutabagaSatisfy (oyster plane)Soy products Soybean Soy Flour Soy mink Soy oil TofuTurnip

Phase 2 Fruits


Canang Casaba Cassabanana Christmas Crenshaw Honeydew Muskmelon Persian Santa Claus Spanish Watermelon

Phase 2 Grains

CornmealCorn oilCorn starchPopped cornRiceTriticaleWheat germWild rice

Phase 2- Animal Products

Cheese Soft American (white, yellow) Cream cheese Neufchatel Hard Colby Edam

Gouda Monterey Jack Whey Cheese Gyelost Mysost Primost Ricotta Sapsago

Honey bee pollen

Phase 2 Miscellaneous

Bay leaf Capers Cayenne pepper Cinnamon Mustard seed Nasturtium (leaves, flowers, seeds) I Olives (black, green, ripe) Olive oil Red pepper Sassafras Sesame (seed, oil) Tabasco sauce Tahini


Phase 3 Vegetables

Beans Aduki Black Turtle Fava Great Northern Green Jack Kidney Lima Mung NavyPinto Beet SnapCarobHearts of palmLentil (plain, pink)Masur beanPalm cabbageSago palm (starch)Sugar beetSwamp cabbageSweet corn (immature)

Phase 3 Grains

BarleyBarley maltBuckwheatGrits (hominy)KafirMaltoseMilletOatsRyeSorghum syrupWheat Bran (fanna) Bulgur Flour Gluten Graham Patent Whole wheat

Phase 3 Nuts

AlmondBeechnutChestnutChinquapinFilbertHazelnutPeanutPeanut oilPine nutPinyon (pinon)

Phase 3 Fruits

AppleBearberryBlackberryBlueberryBoysenberryCherry, West Indian (Barbados, acerola)CitronCrabappleCranberryDewberryElderberryGooseberryHuckleberryKumquatLemonLimeLongberry LoquatMay appleMurcotPapayaPawpaw (custard apple)PeachPineapplePomegranateRosehipsSapotaSaskatoonSloe plumStrawberryTangeloUgli fruitWineberryYoungberry

Phase 3 Miscellaneous

Angostura (bitters)Apple pectinArrowrootCoffeeJuniper berryMateWintergreen

Phase 3 Animal Products

Cheese Soft Cottage CheeseCheddar Cheddars CheshireGranular Grana Parmesan Reggiana Romano Sardo Stretched curd Caciocavallo Mozzarella Provolone String Cheese


Phase 4 - Fruits

ApricotBananaBreadfruitCantaloupeCherry (sour, sweet)Coconut (oil, meal, milk, meat)Currant (red, black, white)DateDate plumFig (all varieties)Grape (all varieties)Grapefruit (all varieties)Kiwi fruitLoganberryMangoMulberryMuscadineNectarineOrange (all varieties)PearPersimmon (American, Japanese)PlumPomeloPruneQuinceRaisin (all varieties)Raspberry (black, purple, red)

Phase 4 Vegetables

AgaveCastor bean and oilChinese yam (potato)DasheenMalangaManiocMorelMushroomName (yampi)PlantainPoiPrickly pearTapiocaTaro (root)TruffleYam (sweet potato)Yautia

Phase 4 Nuts

Brazil nutButternutCashewCola nut (cola, kola)HeartnutHickory nutLitchi nutMacadamia nutPecanPistachioWalnut (black, EngLish)

Phase 4 Sugars

Beet sugarCane sugar (turbinado)Corn sugar ("Cerelose," dextrose, "Dyno")Corn syrup ("Cartose," glucose, "Sweetose")Honey and related products Honey (commercial blended, raw, Tupelo) Honeycomb BeeswaxMaple Syrup, sugarMolasses

Phase 4 - Miscellaneous

Apple ciderBaker's yeastBlack teaBrewer's yeast (nutritional yeast)Buckthom (tea)Chocolate (cacao)CocoaCocoa butterCream of tartarHops (alcohol)Pickles (cucumber, gherkin)Vinegar (cider, wine)

Phase 4 Animal Products

Cheese (bacteria-, mold-, or yeast ripened) Asiago Bel Passe Bleu/blue Brick Brie Camembert Emmental Gorgonzola Gruyere Limburger Muenster Port de salut Roquefort Stilton Swiss